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Odds are pretty good that you’ve heard of Nutrisystem – they’re one of the best advertisers in the diet business, so it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve seen their commercials on TV, heard about them on the radio, or caught one of their many advertisements online.

While pretty much everyone knows about Nutrisystem these days, some folks are still left wondering where they can buy Nutrisystem.

Luckily for you, we’ve done the research on the best places to buy Nutrisytem, and have it narrowed it down to a few key choices.

Number one being the official Nutrisystem website, and we’ll detail why below:

Where to Buy Nutrisystem Online

latest deals

When it comes to buy Nutrisystem online, you’re going to have several options to pick from. Before you being searching the internet for the best place to buy, though, there are a few things you should know first:

The Nutrisytem website is going to be the best place to get access to everything they have to offer. And if you want their full diet program, their website is also the only place online that you can join.

Top Reasons to Buy Directly From Nutrisystem

Learn more and check current prices at Nutrisystem.

Other Places to Buy Online

If, for whatever reason, you don’t want to buy Nutrisytem food from their website, you have a couple of other options available to you.

These include:

What Type of Nutrisystem Food do They Offer?

If you opt for one of the other retailers we mentioned above, you may be wondering what type of Nutrisystem food you can buy there:

Who Should Consider These Other Online Options?

If you just want to use a Nutrisystem Kit to jumpstart your weight loss over a week or so, then you may want to consider them as an option.

Maybe you have a high school reunion coming up, or just need to lose a few pounds. Then, perhaps, one of these 5 Day Weight Loss Kits is for you.

Where to Buy in Stores: Walmart and Others

one of their 5 day weight loss kits available at Walmart

If you’d prefer to buy Nutrisystem at a physical store, some of the options we’ve listed above will be the places you’ll want to check. It’s important to note that not all of these retailers are going to have Nutrisystem products on their shelves, so we’d recommend calling ahead to make sure they carry Nutrisystem.

Walmart and Bed Bath & Beyond are two places we’d recommend checking.

Can You Buy it at Costco?

As of this writing, Nutrisystem could not be bought in stores. You can, however, but a Nutrisystem eGift Card at Costco. At last check you could get a $100 Nutrisystem gift card at costco for about $60. This means you could save an additional $40 off your Nutrisystem order if you’re a Costco member and buy the gift card.

The only place you can use the Costco eGift Card is at the Nutrisystem website, which is yet another reason we prefer buying there.

Bottom Line: Where’s the Best Place to Buy?

When it comes time to buy your Nutrisystem food, we’ve detailed several options that you have. These include retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and even Bed Bath & Beyond.

While all of these places offer some Nutrisystem kits and a la carte items, if you want access to the biggest menu, the best deals, and everything that the Nutrisystem program has to offer, then we recommend starting with the Nutrisystem website.

At last check they were offering a BOGO discount – buy one month, get one free – which features some of the lowest Nutrisystem prices we’ve seen.

Learn more and check current Nutrisystem prices.

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