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With candy bars lurking behind every door and candy corn piled up on each desk you greet, “healthy” and “Halloween” are rarely found in the same sentence. Yet as the festivities for this ghoulish holiday stretch long before and after the evening of trick-or-treating, moderation is desired (by most moms, anyway!). As a dietitian and mom of two, I am thrilled when I can find ways to make food that is GOOD for us, FUN to boot! It is the perfect cherry on top of my family food sundae so to speak.
So, for those of you who share my sentiment, here is a fantastic “no-recipe” recipe that doesn’t require fancy kitchen skills whatsoever. Simply tear apart your string cheese, add a grape-a-licious spider, and the work is complete! Or better yet? Invite your kids to do the spooky work for you!
Happy Halloween!

Create a spooky spider in his web!

  1. Peel string cheese and lay it on the plate in a pentagon shape starting on the outside layer.  Move inward, creating another smaller pentagon within the first, and so on.  I ended up with four layers of pentagons.
  2. Next, lay additional string cheese at the junctions of the different corners, and anywhere else you’d like, until you have what looks like a web!
  3.  Next, slice a grape in half for the spider’s body.  Thinly slice the other half of that grape plus half of another one to create the spider’s legs.
  4.  Finally, add some raisin eyes, and he is finished!
By: Amy Hudson with Creative Kid Snacks.