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Losing weight is easier said than done and the average person tends to struggle with the process.

This is why millions of people continue to struggle with their weight and refuse to make appropriate dietary changes. While working out and other similar changes are wonderful, it always comes back to your time spent in the kitchen. Are you eating the right way? Are you eating the foods necessary to lose weight for your body type?

With a quality, new-age diet plan, you can cut away potential errors and get started on a meaningful change. This is where Nutrisystem comes in as a power-packed diet plan with a unique set of features.

This review will take a look at what the diet plan is all about, how it works, and whether or not it is the best option for losing weight.

What is Nutrisystem?

Nutrisystem is a comprehensive diet program designed to provide personalized assistance for all dietary purposes. The company offers a well-designed program catered to a person’s dietary and weight loss needs while including prepackaged foods that are delivered straight to your front door.

The package includes a set of instructions including when each food has to be consumed. Since everything is already portioned based on your dietary requirements, Nutrisystem takes care of potential human errors that can be made during the dietary change. This is what makes the diet program unique in comparison to similar alternatives.

How Does it Work in 2020?

The premise of Nutrisystem is straightforward and that’s what makes it such a respected program among enthusiasts.

The general goal is to set up a monthly plan with Nutrisystem, go through the initial assessment, and allow the company to tailor the program based on your weight loss requirements. They will ensure everything is tailored to those requirements and this includes the prepackaged foods sent to your front door.

You get a monthly package with all of the meals. This allows you to go through with the diet and follow it to a tee.

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How Does the New Personal Plans Program Work?

The new Personal Plans Program is designed to offer a unique way to lose weight for those who want to diet correctly. In general, this program involves the idea of personalizing each aspect of the weight loss journey based on body type, age, food preferences, and goals. It adds a unique touch to the program and makes it fully customized based on what is important to you.

For those willing to take a hands-off approach with the planning process, these personal plans offer a step-up compared to everything else. It’s a wonderful way to go about your life without having to think about the meals or how many calories are being consumed. This simplicity is why these personal plans are thriving.

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Food You Can Eat

The reason most members love Nutrisystem has to do with the menu and the number of foods you can eat. The menu is jam-packed with wonderful meals that are going to fill you and make it a tasty process. Instead of having to eat the same bland salad as other programs make you eat, why not go with Nutrisystem?

This is a dietary program that offers a long list of foods that can be eaten.

For example, you can eat lean proteins, whole grains, beans, fruits, vegetables, and various desserts (as noted by Nutrisystem). Since you have such a variety to choose from, it never does get boring.

Nutrisystem also does a great job of updating its menu and continues to add a wonderful selection of meals to the list. This is great for those who want to sign up for a monthly plan and sustain it over the long-term. Since you can eat all of these foods, it is easy to maximize your results and feel good about what you’re eating.

Foods to Avoid

It’s important to note, Nutrisystem doesn’t restrict a specific type of food and even offers desserts on its menu. However, you cannot drink alcohol or eat outside food.

Plus, you are expected to follow the set diet plan as listed by Nutrisystem. This means eating one meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. This is the only way you are going to see results with Nutrisystem or you are going to end up overeating. This can be tough at first for those used to eating multiple meals but it has to be done.

You may also want to avoid the use of toppings as they add calories to your diet. Even a little bit of mayo can ruin your diet, which is why Nutrisystem steers you away from such condiments or toppings.

Do They Have Plans for Special Diets?

If you are someone that is a vegetarian then there is a special plan in place for you.

Nutrisystem has taken the time to consult with professionals when it comes to building meaningful, nutritious diet plans for these individuals. When it comes to finding a high-quality vegetarian plan, Nutrisystem is right up there with the best in the industry. They have analyzed everything in detail and offer an impressive menu with a wide array of vegetarian dishes. This alone makes it an ideal fit for those who want a specialized solution.

Is it Hard to Follow?

It becomes easier with time but it does take a bit of time to understand.

The average person will have a set routine when it comes to eating and that can include multiple cheat meals throughout the week. If you are someone that lacks structure with their diet plan, this is going to take a few weeks to get used to. This is a normal reality for thousands of members with these types of weight loss programs.

As long as you are willing to stick to it and have the mindset needed to lose weight, the program will become easier to follow.

Real Customer Testimonials

The new Nutrisystem Personal Plans program has opened up to some very positive reviews. Here’s what customers verified by Consumer Affairs had to say:

Just want to say thanks. I’ve sent several emails to counseling support in the few days that I’ve been on the plan and they are so helpful and encouraging. They gave me a good outline of how to incorporate a food, wild rice, and how to use as a Flex Meal. I like the emails as this way I can save for reference. Thanks Nutrisystem!

I know everyone finds something that works for them. I have tried everything, surgery, urine injections from pregnant women, Weight Watchers multiple times, calorie counting, Jenny Craig was a huge failure and I had given up. Truly, I have not dieted for 2 to 3 years, but I’m still 2 sizes bigger than I wanted. So, I finally decided to try Nutrisystem. I’m really pleasantly surprised. The app makes it so easy, the food is good! You do have to learn portion control, but that was needed or I wouldn’t be 2 sizes larger! The app makes it so easy, it’s the best app I have used on any program. The best part is, I had 2 simple questions and I called customer service. They couldn’t have been nicer and more assisting! Great experience. I’m sold. I can see me on this plan for a long, long time. That gives me hope to not only to lose but to maintain, which is truly the hardest part. Thanks Nutrisystem!

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Nutrisystem Complaints & Bad Reviews

1) Requires a Consistent Investment

There are four specific monthly plans offered by Nutrisystem and each one comes at a set monthly price. This means members will only receive access to this information and the prepackaged meals if they are willing to pay. This is a challenge for those who want to remain on a budget and may not like the idea of having to foot a monthly bill like clockwork. This is a concern some customers have with regards to the system and all that it has to offer. While it does offer a long list of advantages, it’s still something to keep in mind before settling for a certain plan.

2) Takes a Bit of Time to Get Used To

Another customer complaint has to do with how long it takes to get used to the new diet plan. While it is going to be tailored to you, it is still not going to be the same as opening the fridge and taking out whatever you want to eat. Instead, you will have to follow the accompanying meal plan and make sure it is eaten properly. If not, you aren’t going to see the desired weight loss results, which ruins your investment. This is a problem for some members as they want to get started right away without having to worry about anything else.

3) Reduces Ability to Eat Out

If you are someone that likes hanging out with friends and/or family at local eateries, it’s going to become an impossible task to manage with the Nutrisystem diet plan. You are going to be restricted as to what can be consumed and how much can be eaten. If this is something that starts to bother you, it is going to take a bit of time to implement. This is a complaint customers have as they want to eat out. It can start to become a hassle to avoid restaurants because it is going to ruin your diet plan.

Nutrisystem Pros and Cons


1) Exceptional Menu

The menu is incredible and offers a diverse set of options for members to choose from. Rather than being stuck with 1-2 dishes, you can easily sift through the menu and tailor the foods based on what your palate requires. This alone is a major plus point and it’s something to keep in mind when investing in a brand-new dietary program. The team behind Nutrisystem has made sure people can enjoy what they’re eating daily.

2) Easy to Follow

The beauty of following Nutrisystem has to do with its simplicity. The nutritionists behind this have taken the time to process complex nutritional info and make it user-friendly. This is what allows members to make the most of what they’re eating while leading a healthy lifestyle. It’s this simplicity that wins you over as soon as it’s time to put the program to use.

3) Pre-Planned Meals

If you are someone that doesn’t want to prepare different meals and wants things done for you then Nutrisystem is a good fit. It offers a beautiful selection of pre-packaged foods that are ready to go out of the box. This is essential as it allows you to have a ready-made meal as soon as you want it. Having pre-planned meals means you can easily go about your day without having to think about what to eat.

4) Includes Desserts

Do you like eating desserts during the dieting process?

A lot of people don’t like the idea of being force-fed vegetables and not getting an opportunity to relax a bit. If you are someone with a noticeable sweet tooth then it’s time to go with Nutrisystem. This is one of the better dietary programs because it offers high-quality desserts. You will enjoy the varied options and all that comes along with them.

5) Affordable

Nutrisystem offers one of the most affordable diet delivery programs we’ve found. That makes them nearly the perfect combo: A diet that’s affordable, and actually works. Get full pricing details on our Nutrisytem cost page.


1) Eliminates Cheat Meals

While this is one of the better dietary programs on the planet right now, it does come with a certain set of flaws. One of the flaws would have to do with the elimination of cheat meals. If you are someone that wants to try other foods from time to time, it’s simply not going to happen. The diet plan is strict and has to be followed to a tee for good results.

2) Costly

If you are someone that is looking to budget while dieting then this is going to take quite a bit out of your wallet. While it’s still one of the most respected and trusted names in the industry, it is a sizable investment. You will have to continue with the membership to get the prepackaged foods, which means it is going to become a set cost.

If you are willing to pay up, the results will come the way you want them to.

3) Includes Processed Foods

While you are going to want to eat healthy foods all the time, it’s not always the case with this program. It does offer processed foods because of the packaging process and this has to be taken into account.

While you are going to see amazing benefits from Nutrisystem, it still does include the use of certain processed foods.

4) Not Ideal for Certain Allergies

Do you have allergies that pop up when you eat the wrong types of foods?

This is a common issue and it’s something members should account for right away. If you are someone with serious allergies then it may become a hassle to worry about what Nutrisystem has to offer and how it works. While this isn’t a major concern and the nutritionists do a good job of offering healthy foods, you should take the time to go through the menu in detail. This will ensure you remain healthy over the long-run.

Review & Pricing Summary

Nutrisystem is an all-encompassing diet plan with a wonderful set of advantages.

It’s easy to use, fast-acting and offers a comprehensive change with regards to losing weight. If the goal is to go with a well-designed and well-established diet plan then Nutrisystem is an ideal option moving forward. The average person will want something organized and easy to follow, which is the case here.

Along with being the perfect dietary solution, it also offers a way to regulate your health.

The reason this program tends to work so well has to do with the pre-planned meals. It helps maximize each portion based on your dietary needs. Rather than following a traditional diet plan, you will know what’s going into the body and that’s a major difference-maker. This is an essential plus point associated with Nutrisystem and it’s something that pushes it ahead of the competition.

For those wanting to lose weight and stay healthy, Nutrisystem is the right way to go.

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